Our Services

Core Services

We innovate and we navigate this ever-changing media and consumer landscape to create, build and communicate your ideas to the right audience. Guided by years of expertise, research, trend analysis, design and technology. We are primed to take on any project and exceed all expectations

We believe in the power of building strong brands.

What’s the benefit to your business?

A strong brand will give you a leg up on the current competition.
In turn, this will help you to acquire new customers easily while sustaining consumer loyalty for the long-term. Remember your brand is the overall perception of your business, reputation, image and the customer experience.

Core Services

When you utilize our vast marketing expertise we help you to seamlessly integrate your brand presence in any market through strategic customer engagement, PR and brand positioning campaigns that strengthens awareness and builds relationships.
We champion your business with beautiful images and compelling messaging, elevating your business profile and helping your business to grow.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure you are seen and heard by building awareness one platform at a time.

Lets get your project started.

Our Process

Once you’ve contacted us using our handy contact form we’ll have a chat via email (or phone) about your business. This helps us to determine what your needs are and what the best course of action would be from a marketing perspective. We offer advice and recommendations for how best we can work together

After our initial consultation, we design a proposal package tailored specifically for your needs and send to you for review. A presentation session is scheduled where we walk through the proposal with you and this includes a comprehensive Q and A session. This ensures you have a complete understanding of the process and the way forward. Once you’re happy with the direction we have proposed, we issue our standard service agreement for signing and an initial invoice to get started.

NOW the fun begins. During this stage we begin to dig deep to determine not only the basics of your business and what overall goals you would like to achieve with your marketing but we also determine how you want your clients to feel when they consider your business. This plays a major role in how we develop your brand elements, communications strategy, determine your media platforms and also your visual identity.

Whether you are starting a new company or rebranding, developing a new marketing campaign, launching a new product or requiring public relations services we collaborate with you through each phase of conceptualizing your project. We could be developing your new logo, letterhead and business cards, audio & video ads, creating content for your social media pages or developing any other marketing assets you need to get your message seen and heard. Whatever the project entails we create each item carefully and thoughtfully with your business goals and target audience in mind every step of the way.

And now you are ready to launch! Congrats to you, we’re so happy you took this journey with us. Your final files are delivered and we have an ‘offboarding’ call to ensure you know how to access and manage your brand assets. Have no fear though, any help you need once your project is complete can be remedied with a simple call or email, we’re always happy to help.

Services Provided:

  • Digital Marketing Content
  • Video Ads
  • Radio Ads

Services Provided:

  • Graphic Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Flyers and Digital Ads
  • Billboard Design
  • Calendar & Publication Design
  • Magazine Ads

Services Provided:

  • Communications Strategy and Key Messaging Deployment
  • Media Interviews
  • Press Releases
  • Copywriting
  • Media Placement – Print and Digital
  • Reputation Management

Services Provided:

  • Content Creation
  • Customized Content Calendar
  • Branded Posts
  • Page Monitoring
  • Customer Engagement
  • Curated Hashtags & Keywords
  • Boosted/Promoted Media
  • Banner & Digital Ads

Services Provided:

  • Logo Design
  • Tagline Development
  • Brand Identity Guidelines & Strategy
  • Professional Assets Design – Business Cards, Brochures & Letterhead
  • Company Profile
  • Social Media Assets

Services Provided:

  • Marketing Campaign Creation & Development
  • Customized Marketing Mix
  • Launch Timeline
  • Media Package Activation
  • Radio Ads
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Press Release
  • Digital Advertising Banners

Media? We’ve got you covered!
We employ brand- related videos, audio, long and short form content etc, to navigate through the hassle to get your message out to your targeted audience.

“If you can Think it, we can Ink it!”
We provide a wide variety of design services from “billboards to business cards”. We aspire to meet your company’s every creative design needs.

Want to be seen? Want to be heard? We pride ourselves in utilising well-established and maintained media connections that will maximise your visuality with potential clientele and build brand growth.

Social Media is the mecca for raising awareness, disseminating messages and directly speaking to consumers. We aim to maximize your social media presence, engage with customers and build brand awareness.

EME excels at determining the core values of your business and carefully crafting the look, feel and message into all your brand assets such as logos, corporate brand identities and company media. We work alongside your company to ensure that every aspect of your brand essence is captured and highlighted, while maintaining consistency as it relates to quality, value and trust.

We employ forward-looking approaches to drive sales, build clientele, promote longevity and the overall success of the brand.